Plantasia, Plantasia

Oh, what a lovely fantasy!

A raindrop falls

Drip drop dop

Adventures of the night calls

Knock knock knock!

Miracles happen, you’ll see it soon.

This whole place will shine and bloom

What tickles the roots of the plant kingdom?

Come and find out, you’ll also get some!

Who sticks their toe into the ground?

Who makes this weird and funny sound?

Plantasia, Plantasia

What a lovely fantasy!

Plantasia is a dance performance for children aged 1–9. It invites the child audience to imagine a relationship with plants and other life forms. After the performance, the audience is invited to draw their impressions.

Duration: 45 min, performance lasts 30 minutes, after that drawing session 15 min

Choreography, performance and dance: Elina Lindfors, Katri Miettinen, Katriina Tavi, Tuuli Vahtola and Anna Virkkunen

Light design: Luca Sirviö

Sound design: Markus Tapio

Costume design: Annukka Havukumpu

Premiere 12/8/2022 Annantalo Arts Centre Helsinki

Tanks to: Annantalo, UrbanApa, Tanssiteatteri Hurjaruuth, Vantaan Tanssiopisto & StepUp Show School.

The work was supported by The Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Photos Esa Valkeajärvi