On all sides

Photo: Jan Nyberg

On all sides focuses on a body whose interpretations of both the surrounding as well as the inner space unwind in movement. The work is interested in the ways in which the sensing body might approach a space, a structure, a shape, or an agent.

The piece has tried to be many; it has had several titles and different working plans, and it doesn’t seem to find a stable identity or shape. But does it really have to find anything? Can it manifest as a lost, in-progress being? From the beginning the work has been centering on the immediate, imagined, and shared space. Its movement constantly refers to the surrounding and internal. Its sensing is in flux and its words strive for porous meaning.

2021, UrbanApa X Ateneum festival

Choreography and performance: Tuuli Vahtola and Vanessa Virta

On all sides is continuation of Vahtola and Virta’s joint work from 2019.

Photos: Jan Nyberg