Tuuli Vahtola (she/her), b. 1991 in Helsinki, is a freelance dance and performance artist based in Helsinki.

Her interest lies in the scattered spaces, logics and threads performances might generate. She is intrigued by intimacy and choreographed touch, and works with them both artistically as well as within the frame of her ongoing studies in gender studies/social sciences.

Tuuli often works with text and movement on stage (On all sides, 2021; A Script (IWWIWWM), 2019; A Point of No Return, 2019) and has been interested in corporeality of language. In 2020 in a three-month home residency (from Kone Foundation) Tuuli focused on suggestive language and written and/or spoken fiction as a manipulator of sensory perception and experience.

Tuuli values collaborations and performing in other artists’ works. Currently/recently she’s performing in Sonja Jokiniemi’s piece ÖH and taking part in Oda Brekke’s artistic research dead dead document. Tuuli is a member of Precarious Practices, a Helsinki based working group of eleven freelance dance artists and choreographers focusing on sharing artistic practices and unfinished work.

Tuuli holds a BFA in Dance from DOCH/Stockholm University of the Arts (2017).

Contact: tuuli.vahtola@gmail.com