Feeling Kneading


Feeling Kneading is staged massage, performed touch and friction that alert senses might arouse. It travels through the performers’ bodies and between them, producing tangible visual images, motion and situations. Searching for the potential ways of massage – a strictly choreographed touching of two (or more) bodies  – to dissolve in a performance, a dance or a letter, the work focuses on the experiences that a certain situation suggests, governs, amplifies, guides and predetermines.

Feeling Kneading is a part of Tuuli Vahtola’s degree project (BA of Fine Arts in Dance) at DOCH/Stockholm University of the Arts.



Performance: Oda Brekke, Gry Tingskog, Tuuli Vahtola, Vanessa Virta

Choreography: Tuuli Vahtola

Research supervision Chrysa Parkinson and Bronwyn Jean Bailey-Charteris.