Although nothing can be taken for granted, there is an assumption of being able to explain everything with previously gained knowledge; everyone has a preconceived notion of what movements are produced by the collapse of certain objects, and yet unpredictable events always take place.

The performers are working on the simple action of letting things fall. Picking something up and letting it




Letting things fall is the core of Collapsing. The focus lies in the causal movement that the fall produces; in the collision of the predicted and the unpredictable. In the work, time and space are perceived through giving specific attention to certain actions rather than through an already established, fixed system of measuring. Collapsing is a work that looks at now and then – ‘now’ understood as the creation and formulation of preconception, heavily affected by past experiences and prejudice. ‘Now’ is preparation for (a yet unforeseen) future. ‘Then’ is experienced as careful and detailed as possible, giving the opportunity for all causative movement to become visible and important.


DOCH, Stockholm
Choreography and performance: Tuuli Vahtola ja Manuel Lindner